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Strong faith and asking for single area of needs in prayers

Last Sunday, was my first church service I attended in Kapsoya Eldoret.
Besides Sunday school choir which danced affirming their faith and university graduates, a boy told his story of luck.

“I was a boy who even if this congregation were put down as fish, I could spear them dead all,” John confided. “I couldn’t do without fish for two days lest I could be sick.”

His family wanted him to come to Kakuma for studies. He was rigid that there will be no time the Nile and its tributaries will dry to render him dead.

Finally, education was an obligation. He later departed spending two weeks on his way to Kampala, Uganda. He covered part of the journey footing. 
“I was sick seriously and my sickness was fish.” He explained.

On reaching Kampala, they once went to a hotel to eat.
Luckily, his eyes landed on the menu to view fish. In doubts, he was assured that there was fresh fish.
He ordered immediately but only fish.
After consumption, he held bones and prayed.

“God, am going to Kakuma, which has no water and fish lives in water.  How will I get fresh fish and the dry one will still sicken me. Stop fish sickness if you don’t want me dead,” he concluded.
“I dropped the bone and returned home,” said John as the congregation inspected. “Since then that sickness stopped.”

John briefed the congregation to be asking, one thing and one area of need from God and He will assist like He did to him.

“God lives around us,” he concluded. “And ready to assist.”

John said he will go back to Sudan now that he has completed his education and decide whether to ask God for the fish or Job.

Diplomats and degree holders are targeting going back to Sudan.
This church in spite of perversion of some leaders undertakes services.  A reverend warned ladies that they should be keen in handling the people of God.

“They can’t be misled that way,” said Gabriel.

This church undertakes service in the afternoon in the Anglican Church in Kapsoya.
They pay for the service with their monthly collection and gifts by visitors monthly.
Strong faith and asking for a single thing and single area of need are helpful in prayers.

Exuberant Ceremony Showed Way Out Of Domination

Excited southern Sudanese in Eldoret, Kenya organized an exuberant celebration on Saturday 19th February 2011 at Catholic Church compound in Kapsoya, Eldoret. This ceremony which was to start at 10:00 a.m delayed until 1: 47 p.m because the guest of honor was awaited. Yet another was sent to represent him on behalf of Eldoret municipality. The celebration was possible as per donations from GOSS.

After prayers from the chaplain, professor Dangasuk commanded a minute of silence while standing to commemorate the fallen heroes. “Let us love one another as Sudanese,” he said. “Stop tribalism”.
As delight of southern Sudan struggle could mean a lot, Prof Dangasuk said southern Sudanese in the north were neglected on religious grounds. He added that there was totally no targeted development in the south. Fundamental rights were denied according to his speech.
“There was under development, poverty, illiteracy and backwardness of Southern Sudanese leading to struggle for Islam was made religion,” he explained. ”No tarmaced roads,” he quoted from the speech of Dr.  John Garang which was on air before the ceremony began. Employment was based on religion making southern Sudanese completely marginalized. “9th July 2011 will mark the birth of new nation to be fifty forth in Africa and one hundred and nifty third world wide,” he confided. 

The report of referendum shows that only three individuals cast votes of unity in Eldoret. Southern Sudanese in Eldoret voted 99-8-secession. This serves as an everlasting praise to the municipal council of Eldoret because referendum was totally fair.

Representing municipal council, Mr. John Koech apologized to Southern Sudanese in case something had gone wrong. He appreciated co-existence between Eldoret municipality and Sudanese which was a sign of good stay.

“We’ll remember you in prayers if you go back home to build the nation,“ he sympathized. “Our Kenyan girls will also go with you”

Koech made clearer that his Excellency the former president of Kenya Daniel Arap Moi and the current President Mwai Kibaki had humble hands in the resolution conflict in Sudan. 

Most of these Sudanese belief to reunite with families they left long ago, back home. Orphans to meet parents. UN and US, were appreciated too by Prof. Dangasuk based in Moi University, for keeping CPA alive thus forcing Omar Hassan to adhere. Cush the son to Ham Noah is believed by Sudanese to be their ancestor giving the name credibility.

Southern up and coming artistes sang engaging the crowd to run onto the stage to dance. These are things which make the aged think that teens are out of hand. The ceremony ended some minutes to six to give room for the cultural dance. At night there was a bash expected to sum up the celebrity. In various towns where southern Sudanese are, they perform cultural dances. A report from reliable source stated that South Sudan's immediate neighbors will continue to support them. These are Uganda and Kenya.

Greater appreciations remain to Kenyans as Sudanese make up to return home. They have and are making leaders by educating these children though Koech complained that the economy of Kapsoya will go down; not at all.  Not all Sudanese will return: learners will remain.

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