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_Education's liberty_

Sandwiched between disparity and abduction My eyes tearful I was a war child The spirit of disparity Died down for success With this joystick: pen I jot patience and kindness Laziness far-off My founder mother_ Rests some day overwhelmed Longevity success brings Makes me an honorary some day I won't forget this toil Paining like a boil Teacher's my parent: I won't forget Discipline's the key I'll use to open doors weekly Seeking guidance This solace frees me from manipulation Discipline: be the temple I dwell in Education's freedom_ Education's liberty_ I'll sing to this tune forever more I'll be an educator Moulding dignitaries out of conflict and sorrow

Riots at the incentives paypoint at Social Services in Kakuma

  By Nyak Simon and Sabbath De Yecouba The start of payment for LWF staffs was today. Workers for LWF humanitarian units refused to receive their incentives today, the third of February, 2011 at quarter to nine at social services where they conduct weekly meetings. This group which rioted comprised: Gender and community empowerment, Child protection, Youth and sport development, peace education, case workers and cleaners under LWF community services. This is because the finance officer eagerly wanted to pay them their usual amount (Shs. 3,5OO), ignoring pay increment they promised in last year proposal and counterparts and supervisors above that amount. They were in a meeting with their supervisors and counterpart managers who usually prepare pay rolls. These leaders briefed their fellow workers not to take money if theirs couldn't be increased equaling the rest of refugees working with other units of LWF and other humanitarian organizations. It was then when the finance of

Boy fought NCCK worker and went to school to find himself screened out

A school boy fought NCCK worker authorised by UNHCR, DRA and NCCK to demolish fences to allow enough passage for vehicles, Boda bodas and people in Kakuma. Mohammed, from Somali on Friday quarrelled and barked at the workers. Seemingly, no one answered him appropriately. "Talk to that person was their word. When I approached that person she referred me to another person," he said. "They ignored." He accused these workers to formerly had destroyed their fence and came back to demolish their house partly. He clashed with one of the workers thus a weighty blow on his lip leaving it hurt. Concerned persons separated them. In the morning he was in the school to hear he was screened out of standard eight and has to repeat class seven. The case is not completely solved by police. "My mother said the case would be taken to police," he said. "The case will be solved today and am here in problem again." The school administration stated the boy is wea