Them who tease may be friends when taught by the world

The first step in life is studying people and how they co-relate. You will find this from their previous friends with whom friendship broke up or device a trick on how to get to know people to befriend. In my opinion, having two people means one is mannered and the other ill-mannered. It’s rare to find good people at a go. I don’t wonder why it’s that because in this world you either be cruel or benevolent. However, those who practice parity are mostly depressed for getting into the shoes of the suffering. They are mocked and disowned.

Being ignoramus leads to various undesirable traits. Parents don’t teach manners well but teachers do and whoever goes uncontrolled misbehaved at school disregarding teachers. How you co-relate with teachers and friends determines what treatment you will give your parents at home. It determines whether you are a confidant or opposite.

People say them dominating cruel world got these traits from friends. This doesn’t let us avoid befriending but think twice before choosing friends. Not all people can be friends and not all friends cannot mislead. Some can befriend to take advantage over you while the rest befriend for mutual advice. In actual sense, a few are called friends while couples are called so because they say they are, yet unable to reach friendship standards.

Whoever approaches you with good will when in problems to advice is a friend. Them who tease may be friends when the world has taught them how to behave.

None does work for you if you sit back expecting favoritism

Success to be who you want to be is held in the frontier brain of an actively thinking personality.
Active thinker brainstorms, who they admire to be and elaborate it to possibilities of being whom they really want to be, then put the dream into action.
The theory of failure discovered by laziness states that brain which sits back lacks what to harvest.

However, puzzle is failure to endeavor in studies and various scopes of trials to achieve goals rooted in us. This results in despair and failure in life.

The foremost step to succeed is discovering you are able in spite of inability so that curiosity brushes inability.
Inability isn't disability thus won't hold you down if you are determined to come out of it. Your efforts won't be fruitless.
Tireless trials are liberal. The more you toil and sweat in desperation and depression, the more the windows of success open.
A student committed to studies at Mount Kenya University's library
That's why I wonder why I couldn't be who I want to be.

Many people tried and succeeded, why not me?
Why not you?
Why not us?
Weakness breeds in us because we are not tired of it.
Tell it you need idling no more and get busy planning for your future and you are likely to be set free.

We like goodies and hate bad but if we haven't discovered we are intelligent because we think some people who have done it and succeeded cannot be us because we are inferior, what we think becomes what we are.
You and I can be who has succeeded by using our own valid ways to succeed. Rather understand success acquired in a wrong way ends in a tint not even beneficial but destructive.

Misfortunes are geared by fears, idleness and false hope which make us fall under famous amateurs yet we aren’t literally.
Can’t we emerge victorious?

Believe that you are intelligent, accept you can be victorious in spite of hardship and give your target goal a try.
Let’s try hard and if we fail try harder and even the hardest, double efforts or rather triple them in studies. Let’s not surrender or be misled by devil angels because with it we can’t achieve our academic goals.
We won’t go asking, “What shall we try next?” because after all it’s not just trial but doing the dos leaving out the don’ts which give success its meaning.

Dirt heaps rushing for money

Artificial dirt:
Sample of a garbage within the estate: photo by De'Yecouba

Heap of dirt around the corners of Kapsoya estate of Eldoret is divine thus kept secret. It’s just left for vagabonds and the crazy to spend their day on for if removed they won’t have where to spend the day…..this is its only use I see.

If not that, then the residents will tell us why this dirt is kept yet cleaners do come all Fridays to collect dirt in compounds in which they expect money in addition to their monthly pays. I don’t know if this is collected can fill the vehicle because this dirt remains frightening as people pass as the bad odour reach their noses though covered sickly walking past these sites.

These places are numerous in Kapsoya, nobody pays attention to them because the biggest target is to get money thus one can’t bother collecting what doesn’t concern them. Money concerns them.

Emotional dirt:

Spearhead fantasy and come to Kapsoya because you will really find it sooner than later though its perversion was some months back. A grown up and affluent man went about paying teens; boys and girls too young only for sexual satisfaction.

I don’t understand how sexy this can be, a boy and a gentleman….a young girl and a gentleman: it’s like having sex with a baby. In addition, come and try walking in rare hours and you will find men and women jumping onto each other like frogs because it’s dark…you won’t lack what to laugh at.

Natural dirt:

Main road leading to town followed by vehicles: by De' Yecouba
In its set up: Kapsoya so vast an estate doesn’t have a glimpse of tarmacked road. You could whirl with the whirling wind till you suffer some coughs or soars. 

Sooner as It rains, you could be stuck walking on and along the murram road (with no tar).

Kapsoya residents feel like they need to walk on tarmacked road only to go to Kenya-ri or onto the high way to go to Eldoret town. Bosses in this estate have their song that they will tarmack this shameful road sooner than later.

This remains not a tuned song actually till it’s to be tuned to benefit the residents who anticipate it. Only this spoils its proper arrangement of houses in rows.

Political dirt:

A sensible humanoid can be tired of these accusations. All day and night, Sudanese accuse Kenyans of refusing them newly built houses every time it’s built for the nationals. They think they offer Kenyans optimal services.

Kenyans accuse Sudanese of mishandling houses thus a reason as to why they don’t feel like giving out their new houses because a refugee has to live in a house which has been used for years. They think they offer Sudanese optimal services.

We don’t know who does right but these are the facts.

Religious dirt:

Senses of idolatry persist and when Sunday comes people go to church and sing sweating a lot. Pretendably: saved because nothing mirrors the truth.

False religious rumors can kill Kapsoya residents first before any other estate around Eldoret. Someone who had problems can simply rush to conclusion when said the world ends tomorrow to be out of problems.

You should wait for your day my dear. Imagine when that fateful doom prophet said the world would end….he didn’t say it’s going to rain on that day and that could have been the right prophecy to come to pass because it actually rained on that day.

Our Kapsoyan, stood in rain with his wife and children saying when asked that God would get him and his family outside there. No prophet had ever said that the first person to be saved will be found standing in rain with his family and sit on the right hand of God.

People calculate their own formulas of trial and error that the day of the lord will be first sight, first saved. This is a greater deal to dispute.

Wrongs reshaped:

Religious dirt:

Road within the estate: photo by De'Yecouba
Let God come and pick you in your house next time, don’t be worried. If it’s the judgment day you will be found….whatever is said don’t have to affect you alone, shine your eyes.

Political dirt:
Fellow Kapsoyans, not all Kenyans hate Sudanese and not all Sudanese destroy houses. Better find what to say because it fits to be an excuse and refugees are not for old houses.

Emotional dirt:
What’s the work of gay and along the road perversion? I heard the queer is now single eyed, should you lose your eye and don’t accomplish filling the earth?

Natural dirt:
It’s your good to tarmac and your good not to and your song remains a lullaby.

Artificial dirt:
It’s not a matter of going where to get money if cleanliness is to be ensured for you may once suffer it should you pass by.
It’s better to clean the worst that is visible than that which is within because you will still get that money any time you go for it to tea.

Issue to glorify God for: biggest issue nurtured

Receive my cordial greetings wherever you might be, no matter your occupation. When you woke up you thought of a business and a business means what is tangible and noticeable, impacts nevertheless. 

We wake up on our planet, earth and our colleagues wake up before us. We ask them and say they go to work. They might choose such jobs as guarding homes which is not just an excuse but duping to protect their dignities though known for that fake work. Do you know what business they go for?

There was an age. This age was such that…your clothing at night can be stolen. Be it under pant, brassiere, belt, earrings or any such thing you have on at night. It might succeed or becomes an attempt…and it’s indeed said it happened, leave alone the unsecured they could take with ease.

And there was a myth. This myth was such that these colleagues could lay bones of the dead person, dead dog, dead vulture or any such animal or bird on your head. It was believed to stimulate your sleepiness and you could snore sweetly.

Or they could use an earthly component like soil on the grave at the graveyard and pour it on your head while sleeping. And you could snore more than you initially did not knowing. And they were given name they couldn’t call themselves.

Snatching even child’s biscuits was their routine, them who were old enough to be fathers. I don’t have description of these occurrences. Might it have been curse or life a stony component, I don’t think one of these describes it best though put to define it by them deprived.

They were called thieves and they couldn’t feel ashamed, even practicing this ordeal at the day time. They had nothing to spare at all. Ahead of this age was when they began being caught. They resisted canes and flushes never to avert the character.

This is what to glorify God for today. These traits are fading, thieves rarely born and inheritance of these traits closer to nothing. Those who said a curse should also say blessing. Popular thieves are now dignified and called dignitaries.

But the biggest issue is being nurtured. Cattle rustling, armed robbery, fraud, corruption and all sorts of brutes like unlawful snatching of someone’s will are growing. If these people changed alone, change…..these are forms of stealing too…don’t only crop: avert them for real.

Rubbish heeds bear dire frustration

Hatred enveloped in Southern Sudan is a dire frustration. Easy cases which need heeds are wrongly settled to create sorrow.  Who has not talked about it yet it worsens.

Cattle rustling, kidnapping of children and wars based on ethnicity, lands, towns and fisheries are many. Young people learn these from the aged. They may say during their time they were not defeated so their property was not taken. A peaceful child is a coward and disgrace in the history of Southern Sudanese. These people are acquainted to this fighting habit and narration to perfection of indigenous livelihood. Most don’t fight rightfully.

The recent chaos I heard about some days back has many casualties on both sides of these warring communities. This chaos basically was caused by a town and a fishery which were said to have been given to a single community rendering the other without. They had to fight not to be losers.

Blames, wherever I passed go to the lawyer who solved this case. Intelligent heed could have been to let the Government own towns seen to be causing chaos. It’s easier to read attitude of the competent people as a savant. It should have been made a public town and the fishery too.

To earn fame, needs one to be neutral. My people take sides which doesn’t favour the people at all. Leaders have no obligation to be selective.

I call it weakness of chiefs, Payam administration as well as the county administration. Who kept anonymous the information for the people to fight? One of these leaders should have known this before it happened. 
 If the information was passed, the government would have decided sooner and remedy the fuming atmosphere.

Leaders can exercise their powers to stop chaos, that’s their role. Young people are killed too by what is stressed by parents. They may say they were powerful at their time that they were not defeated and their belongings. This way, young people will think they need to show strength while they end up killing or losing their loved ones. Fighting is a boomerang. If not killed you receive sorrow. Leaders who light this fire don’t know they lose their clients.

This fight has had casualties on both sides in Twic East County. My fear is that what happens wherever wreaks havoc wherever the warring parties are living worldwide.

It’s not the first time to lose lives in Twic East County and Bor County. It’s annual. Fighting has no privilege.

I beg leaders to do something to protect the people in that part of southern Sudan. We should not be losing people we love every time and remain less privileged

There is something special in you others don’t possess

Talk is laid about beauty and handsomeness occasionally. They spend most of their time pondering over make up as source of choice. Some resent persons they think are uglier than them. They judge yet they don’t know how dull or smart they are. You don’t see a special element in you. There also exist the benevolent who resent underrating. Rubbish is the fact some personalities are denied greetings on this ground of physical appearance.
At times these resented figures can be loved to madness by some people seen so special. Do you know why?

In short it’s because specialty not derived by the ignoramus is easy to be derived by this figure. It makes them stick to those persons ever.

To look good, teens and youths chase after beauty. They inject or apply body creams which later may lead to side effects. This may be to alter skin colour given for a purpose. Competition of clothes, shoes, watches, bangles, rings and mobile phones comes in all costly to promote the class in the eyes of others. It’s blasphemy. These can be done to waste money for schooling or do without beddings at home to show off. Men go about wearing earrings which is good for women.

Dressing may lead to prostitution. Especially, this applies to them who blaspheme and like new things to be more civilized. I witnessed this in Bortown, Juba, and Kapoeta where young girls got into such dressing and go about accepting sex in exchange for money to boy friends. The rest of Sudanese towns I have not gone to must be having. In Kenya am in currently, it’s abundant. Poverty may be the main cause of prostitution yet these people never know they were created for a purpose and that they may climb the ladder when the fate twists livelihood.

If one doesn’t have they think they are not humane. Some steal for this matter yet there is something in them others don’t possess. Taking cheap resources, you are still important because something in you will some day find the one who knows it and will pity you. Patience pays.

A friend convinced me, she is beautiful as she is though some people can be more beautiful. Yes, because she knows something in her other people don’t have who are beautiful or handsome is her own gift distinct to herself.
A relative too said to be thin may seem you are poor or if you carry cheaper mobile or wear cheap clothes. I don’t think so. World possessions are not gold. Accounting for dressing; it’s not bad and be proud of your make up. You don’t share with anybody else. Distinction you have can be hidden from those who hate you and shown to those who love you.

Coming to characters, parents and teachers play key roles. Students respect their teachers more than parents.
A student learns new things from teachers which parents don’t give. A parent who is a teacher cannot teach their children well at home but at school. They remain teachers not parents at school and can’t play roles of a teacher at home because at home they are parents. Manners may not fully be taught by parents. A student taught well goes correcting poorly mannered parents. Teacher gives knowledge which doesn’t wear out. This is why they deserve respect. Comparing educated and uneducated child in my study, educated child can plan their future. They are welcoming while uneducated can be shame to the family. Uneducated can abuse guests or chase them. They are unhygienic too.

Last but not the least; make up is important as it is. Clothes cover nakedness, phones are for communication, watches show time and shoes prevent hurt.
It’s cool to have the best for yourself but don’t ridicule. All people are special the way they are that’s why they don’t luck who to associate with and love them.

There is something distinct you don’t know in you hidden from some people that good people can see and love you.

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