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Chapter Eight: Betrayed For Love

I Rachael was sick then before their departure to Sudan. Her child was no longer suckling. She had had a few nights with Andrew before the sickness. As such she thought she would be injected at home to make things okay. It was however Jacob who could do it. In absence of Andrew she went to Jacob's home one fine afternoon. Jacob asked her money to go and buy drugs as she would wait till heat would reduce. It was then three prompt that Jacob began mixing the drug to administer it to the patient. Once he injected, it hadn't taken long for her to sleep. He got outside and saw his wife going out to fetch water. Children had gone to play in the neighbourhood. He assumed minutes he thought his wife would be occupied at the tap. He closed the windows and the door too tightly. He peered through a little opening he had not closed to see if his wife would come or not. It was an opening which would not allow him being seen outside but him to see an