Decisions backed by deceitful mocks

There was once a land
Far and wide
Towards the sunset
The land of plaited horrors
Beasts lay their bellies
Upon the earth surface
World treasures; their occupation

Thick and grey in the sky made it rain
I had to go to school
To teach a lesson which I didn’t resent
Teasing me
I was renounced mad yet sane

That was the evening
Coarse drops had fallen
I was at school; road was muddy
The sun sunk
The light dissolved
It rained; who would stop?

Thash thash thash
We ran away homing
Shoes off and approaching the church
Truly not a sleeping place
Next to the church; a cattle camp
Not sheltered
Dung causes sliding

We nagged the cattle camp and the church
Thunder boomed
Almost deafening
As if I was behind a witch
Lightning cut through the young dark
Clothes heavier and watery

Home was drawing closer
Non-stop was the run
The body instead of cold was ironically warm
My heart seemed happier
Black and white across my sight
Seedlings were knee-heighten
Cows mooed in the byre
Home was vacated like battle field

Madly I stormed into the hut
And went back to creation of man
Soon; dry clothes were on
I got into the byre which had fire
I weaved hands over fire
Hands back onto my chest to warm it
I thought milking the cows with my hands cold

Chiiu chiiu chiiu
And a torch light
A word accompanied
Not forlorn I realized
My hands over fire
Hands back to my chest
Shivering was by gone but a cold laughter

Dripping still outside
A foolish in-walk
Was a plan to destroy me?
I was needed for interview by unknown figure
Reasons were guessed interview
I didn’t understand
But I had applied and would go for interview

A question after question
But I didn’t get perfect answers
This fake message touched my heart pulses
Mocker’s words
Confusedly told deceitful death
Of my beloved mom
I got irritated

Continuous disturbance at supper
A lost key with black rope
Either to signify life lost or life found
More mingled up I became
I couldn’t derive the happening
The key was later found

Till dawn; my eyes not sleepy
I pondered over it: who is this found in my family?
I knew my dad died old and I witnessed his death
He possibly could not return
A brother who died
I thought he could have come; might have been injured only
I hoped having a brother till then

The following morning
My body was heavier in that light
People gathered in the hut
Sick…ill are you?
I knew not what to say
Asking what they had never been asking before when I was sick

A day came and passed away
I was down
Eagerly waiting for powerful explanations
I perceived laughter and disdain
Jumpy I was
Lunacy glued to their tongues

I hardly ate
I drank milk until making it away
Liars are always foes
I was neglected to totality
I pocketed three pounds only
Heading town-wards

I loathed conversation to its utmost
Maltreatment drained my brain
I didn’t bet revile in them
Scoff at and snigger seeking explanation
My brain drained and drained less

I initiated to go study
Confinement kept me a door
Waiting for perpetuity
Tough politics and tricks of tricksters
I felt old for those clap-traps

To meddle round or home
I thought fretfully
I was already in town
No vehicle could leave that town by then
I ordered chapati with meat in that eatery I entered
The cost was my wealth of three pounds
Nothing was left for Everest to quench thirst

This was my first meal in a week
Milk was a stand-in
I surely was weedy and sought energy
I was fragile to virtually fall on my rise
I rested to finish meal and regain energy

I had no sleeping place
No bedding moreover
A playmate walked in sooner than later
We exchanged affable hands
Asking the happening
My look surrendered my secrets of tribulations

I was in gracious shoes
I had not only Everest to quench thirst but also Soda
We quenched
The question hanged
I had no craving to illuminate my tribulations

I had to proceed that night
I could not forty wink anywhere in that town
See; the guy swayed me to not walk that night
Someone would do away with my syrupy life; I thought
Must have been a off-keep from my attention

I put up in that same hotel
On a bumpy mat
I fathomed no heaven for me
I was somewhat okay
I revisited their hands that morning

Eventually I abandoned them
I had to find my Aunt
She expected me
I had no appetite
I swallowed five spoons and retired

Noise rose vibrantly
We ran out there and watched
Aunt cried; my nephew will be killed
I developed bitter throat
Flashed mingled up

Soldiers sang
Are those soldiers? Asked I
Wrestlers: she said…get into the house
I didn’t see wrestlers nonetheless
I flashed this and went for that till entering newly erected byre

Ingestion I repudiated too
I lay head differing fire
I slept alone that evening
I snubbed being guarded because I was sane
The night was well; I slept well and comfortable

My feet faced fire
My head distanced
I dreamt while night grew mature
An old woman snubbed getting into grave
She was pushed in forcibly finally

Black blocks passed across my sight
White blocks accompanied
I was awake and the scene advanced
A voice sang
Darkness has disappeared and light has come with peace

I didn’t know the song but those few lines from the chorus
I recovered better there
My aunt had brought some food then
She had treated milk with cow’s urinates
I disagreed while she forced me to drink and eat
Since then; I regained appetite as before

On the third morning
I could evacuate
I had managed swallow roasted maize grains
Not feeble; I was a giant
I revisited the town before it rained

We stepped onto the road
Scarce traffic but we had to veer sideways
A fair gentleman came persuading me to ride one of his vehicles
I was walking with my niece
I could not implement his plans

Soldiers spoke in their lorry
Come please come; we have suffered cattle raids
Just addressed to the road; did I discern who I was to them?
Rain drops fell upon me
We didn’t give up walking till we reached the town

The town was crowded and busy
School children gathered grass bundles
At the booking office; a policeman stood with a cane
Not meant for me either
We booked; travelling to the state’s capital

Before the departure
My clothes were unwashed
My elder sister promised to wash them for me
At the barrack; she was not qualified to do washing
I was still in devilish hands
I slept in their hands

That was my departure that evening by bus
Covering three hours; we took a break
A break for lunch and urination
The vehicle took off afterwards
I felt princely not from any royalty


Emergence of new world

They seem as if decisive
But no; they aren’t
They are specialized only
In shuffling of feet
And abusing innocent people

Kidnapping, stealing and raping
Characterize their steps
Steps full of fragrance unhidden
Road divides into ten
Oh, they are unable to differentiate a tree from human

In bars they dwell
Wish they are made breweries
You too give them money
Money to buy their staple food
My God; its itching smell the sweetest

They will be like God
Their intelligence surpasses that of scientists
Believe me, they use belt to urinate
Instead of old urinating organs
The best style, give them thanks
They will come up with a world of staggering on roads

It will be a world of no death
They would think like they think
Their drunken wives will accompany them
Wives of their type
To cook them their staple food

They will reproduce yes,
At the day time
No time at night
Just before filling a bottle of wine
Always glued to their pockets

They will never attempt to conquer our world
They will go in peace for creating their world
Amidst Indian, Pacific or Atlantic Ocean
Whichever they think shallow
And pour sand from nowhere
Standing in their ships, the bottles

Rhythm of Asylum

Weird looks beneath the carpet of dust
Mooing echoes in the breadth of dusk
Phenomenon of chastity
Gone with coded nicety
Sparrows speck on grassy floor
Walking their thin feet on the greasy parlor

Echo into my lobby ear-lobe
Freak my thoughts with global identity on the globe
Brittleness aches on my lobe
Wreaking breakdown on the slope
Click your finger on my globe
Eying perpetrators descending the slope

Obnoxious pause
Brittleness weirdly to pose
Boss of destiny obstruction like mouse
Imposing ruins on innocent house
Chant bitter to pause
Merry bewildered shan’t wreak weirdly pose

 The doom regime

Doom regime thrives in our midst
Challenging the offer, the heartfelt offer
We offer saving humanity
Justice we aim at is backed with recklessness
Letting us perceive vanity

All day long we walk long distances
Working diligently and freehanded
Anticipating warm welcome
We are ambushed by doom regime
While we don’t yell for coins

We’re pushed on thorns gathering data
Are you a Journalist or a Journal list?
Shall I help you and leave refugees?
Oh tis unkind
Ironically we veer for loaded artillery of threats

The hate we get markedly brought by our poor status
Rich and rich are friends but cities were towns
Empty vessels we’re called
Even if the doom officers were so idle
They begin business on spotting us

Empty vessels you say and shake
We’re poor and able to teach loyalty
You the mice play in absence of cats
We’re stout enough
To challenge and resist injustice

Bark at us blatantly
We can’t be shaken
Misdeeds will bait you coz we’ve freedom of expression
Refugees you claim to serve, we’re
Imagine us waiting while you’re pleased with notes

We don’t see your compassion
Your gate is doom
Where oppressions loom
Impersonating inside, your golden padlock locked
Your red eyed keepers, beasts to swallow refugees

Your essential gate is not worthier than
Poor refugee Journalists chased like dogs
Needn’t rivalry, we fight for liberty
Your gate is doom, we upend fair treatment
Lest you’re paralyzed in your golden chairs

The atrocious famine
By JW Kuir Dut

They counted ribs on their concertina chest
Bones protruding as if chiseled
By a sculptor’s hand of famine they suffer
The looked with glazing pupils
Seeing only a chignon on some sky-high shelf
Their skins are pale and faun
Like a glove in a doctor’s hand
Their tongue darted in and out
Like a chameleon’s
Snatching a confetti of flies
Oh! God
Their stomachs are lion’s den
Boisterous day and night
What a marvelous shock
Of hunger their eyes shone
Poverty the fortune of the poor

You be called fair?


Don't call me that you think

Not me

I need no name

No nicety being called by name

We're distinct in nature

You're not me

Me not you

Yaws you have I don't

You be called yaws

Me no yaws I gonna go

You differ partly

Your head rock shaped like 'Kalemchuch'

You be called 'Kalemchuch'

A mouth full of words

You be called a mouth full

Your likes're yours

You be your likes

Should you change your destiny

You be called change

Your personality not mine

Me be my personality

Good name be judged

You appear wicked

You be called wicked and written on you

On you so we hide

Don't call yourself who people call you

Be called that you hide in you

So you sense it fair

You be called fair?

©Sabbath De Yecouba


Hugging sorrow

Twas painful hearing his return to the dust
Dust which moulded him
Sshiv…in no maze
I was amazed
Chewing midrib of neem leaves
Lacking tooth picks

Jay Chop Jay, no more
His wisdom washed to the dust
And his innocence and kindness
Eeei…my heart pains
Where to be retrieved?

Midribs added nothing to his diet
But the bitterness of poison
Habit would have spared him if they were friendly
My little wisdom was foolishness

He was urged to wash and watch
Before taking the stuff
Yet his love for it earned him poison
Ma’woou…gone with his white teeth
So I hug and kiss sorrow

I speak from the bush
By JW Kuir Dut

When I come, anger occupies space in the chest

Furry like frogs and you ask where I live to chase

We live in hell, you heaven but I don’t see angels

Is your heaven a home of Hosea’s wife?

I speak from the bush

Wise you’re, yes you say but sir

People eat while walking up and down

Is your town migrating? Amazing they move

And we from the bush are settled

I speak from the bush

We from the bush, man don’t take man for a wife

But sir, are your women for pride and decorations?

Men cook while women wait to eat

I speak from the bush

In your city, you have cultures yes, not equal

We dance but make fools out of us

You intimidate the dance where women belong to no men

And men to no women, your good culture you call it

I speak from the bush

May you answer me sir, I talked the bush

You from the city, two legged creatures same

When I greeted you in the hand you wave the air

You speak your wisdom

I speak from the bush

Will you hear me?

The Miraculous Child
By JW Kuir Dut

Prophesies at the age
To be born with an iron rod
Divinity was to be his might
Pregnancy in two decades
Accompanying pains and sorrow

His birth was cemented by blood of his father
United the blood shedding families
Prove ignorance to his mother
The fulfillment of the prophesies
Blessed by God, honored by spirits, respected by men

The conqueror of the conquerors
Shelter of the black
The only eye of the world
Looking as the source of the blessed
The Black-man messiah

Oh, father resting in peace
Even if I didn’t see your face
I will fulfill the prophesies and your vision
Cry no more mother
I am the miraculous child

A Traitor
By Edward Kiplagat

Dogged by confusion

I lost my intuition

Condemned to sorrow

I will always have yours lost straw

In you I thought I were a pillar

Never did I know I had befriended a heart killer

More poisonous of a deadly viper

Who could hurt even much deeper

You tipped mine heart with yours sharp dagger

Its pain I can withstand any longer

I guess I saw a gesture

Which portrayed yours picture

Saving grace being mine courage

I have got to put off this burning rage

Wide opened being the under-ward gate

I am like a cursed son of fate

Crying myself dry yours act I won’t erase

An ugly thing it was to showcase

Ignoring mine excruciating pain

Heartless you became like the man Cain

Silence now have become mine urgency

Sipping away all my energy

By my side I have several clergy

To have theirs advice

In protest to condemn yours vice

To you heartless being

One pound to do such a thing

The one who gave me a poisonous sting

I swear! You will one day be haunted to think

When you come across mine poem written in ink

Who is an enemy????

Who is an enemy?

It's s/he who dupe,
Is selfish,is rude,rejoice in wrong doing,
Condemn others' luck,
Don't tell secret so soon,
Go against the successfull work of the hard worker,
Underestimate someone's knowledge,
 Is corrupt and ignorant,
Oppress,scold and dehumanise

But you know what?
They hide secrets from me,
Mistake me for an idiot,
 Underestimate my approved talents,
Keep me bored,
Don't agree to let me taste
The bearings of my hardwork

Who is an enemy my dear?

They ignore, dehumanise,scold,
Condemn my luck,
Appear corrupt:hide from me,
Back bite and mishandle
When I fight for my right
They wondered hearing me successfull,
Blocked my guests and disclosed
They address rumours
About me to my love and
Deny me all human rights

So who is an enemy?

I dare deny them for relatives,
And friends
Leave alone my innocent parents and siblings
They could do their waste to destroy me,
I am tired of their deeds
They prepare me for the worse

Who is my enemy now?

Hurting our souls

Darkness and sorrow

The inhabitants of the earth

What a wonder we get from them

In our dwellings

We call disaster into our lives

Tongues we don’t hold are destructive

We value fantasy

Our dignity lowered

Our souls adversely affected

The world isn’t worth our lives

The more we pay attention to greed

The worst our lives become

And the causative oblivious

We call disaster into our lives

Tongues we don’t hold are destructive

We value fantasy

Our dignity lowered

Our souls adversely affected

How good are we

If we can’t work on it, the world

We turn against our neighbors

Love on everyone’s lips not shown

We call disaster into our lives

Tongues we don’t hold are destructive

We value fantasy

Our dignity lowered

Our souls adversely affected

The wise suffer more than less-privileged

Emotions and unnecessary behaviors

They are sensitive to destroy souls

Fools not knowing where the world heads

We call disaster into our lives

Tongues we don’t hold are destructive

We value fantasy

Our dignity lowered

Our souls adversely affected

Mouth which keeps bad words

And say the necessary

The owner is intelligent

Random talk you call intelligence is foolishness

We call disaster into our lives

Tongues we don’t hold are destructive

We value fantasy

Our dignity lowered

Our souls adversely affected

Aperture in my soul

Praise him who found the path
 Praise the lion hearted warrior

Whose work lives forever?

He who lit lanterns in our rooms

For us not to be bound in darkness and sorrow

He who eliminated idleness in our hearts

And implanted determination in our souls

He was the son of our own flesh

And the bearer of the shield among us

He could define justice and equality in capital letters

He was a gifted dude

His voice and speeches

Were full of essence and deadly

He emerged when we blew horns after bulls

When we were bound in bondage

Of oppression and dehumanization

When we covered our bodies with skins

And red ochre our lotion and perfume

Our children were enticed

Kidnapped and sold as slaves

Our leaders were butchered in our own eyes

No rights were guaranteed to ‘girits’

Mockery referring to us

The best leaders showed off and ascended thrones in coups

Our lives out of medication and education

He learned and refused Islamic names

And his foreskin wasn’t removed adamantly

No: he wasn’t assimilated and gathered strength

For his work of liberation

Protesting against torture

Land grabbing and human labour with his angels

Martyrs, the founders of peace

And there blew a strong wind

Ov’r and across the hills of Africa

Same wind which blew away our eye opener

It snatched him

Leaving our souls hollow

Greater loss not to bear him anymore

We unite in spirits, unite us…last smile is yours

The dice game

Throw the dice

It isn’t so nice

To be idle

Like and idol

So play the game

You won’t be tamed

Throw the dice

To run like mice

On the cardboard

Or get into the boat

In the river to fish

Securing the dish

Throw the dice

Let it go thrice

And if ya hand fatigues

Chase the chicks

To catch one

For ya pet chan

Throw the dice

And give into advice

Of going to the market

With a basket

To carry goods

Then mix freely with dudes

Throw the dice

Setting good price

Working with all ya might

Even at night

Avoiding tough questions

From police not to be cautioned

Glorify for Freedom

By Nyak Simon Lieth

No cry no fear

No bombardment no dead bogey
No tyrant war absent
No looting…..any abduction
Frail political bluff end
We are raising the flag with tears,
And glorify freedom
No cry no fear

New nation cheers tremendously

We chant for peace, love and unity
Long a wait prospective land is born
Our flip-flops end
Peace perished to the Kush (black)
No cry no fear

Huff huh marginalization hugged

Compatriot’s marvelous chant,
For harmony
 Surfeit two decade civic war end
No cry no fear

May almighty God Magnify?

Streetwise munificent hero-heroine
And world diplomacies for crucial
Peace facilitation
No cry no fear


Pains like a toe wound
Oar to row a depression boat
Virtue of fate
Eerie and degrading
Ruins like crucifixion nails
Tower of the poor
Yawns to set the world apart

Liberty Anthem

Torrential tears gushing on streets
Nuisance: what a perpetuated shame?
Blood and flesh broken
Brighten horrendous paves
Sing again berry angels
Queens of this royalty

Bursting streetwise
Millions scavenged
Exploded bombs
Lose soil fertility and the land bare to date
Sing again berry angels
Queens of this royalty

Plight realized
May it not override us for the dead?
Overconfidence and over-joy, I rather warn
All is here realized
Sing again berry angels
Queens of this royalty

Besieges, grenades, bombs and mines
Shamefully lack time for their vices
With this aftermath: better eat up your designer
Hoya: break your farmer who planted you
Sing again berry angels
Queens of this royalty

What a day glamorous
Glamor shown during voting
Flowery environment never before
I noticed..nodded…we could make it
Sing again berry angels
Queens of this royalty

Utmost attention we seek
Selfishness never to divide us
Greed for power and stomachs, let’s resent
Aftermath ours and traitors yonder
Sing again berry angels
Queens of this royalty

We sing though graves are yonder
Pulling us back to grief
This aftermath will be our gladdening source
Sheria go and kill where you were born
Sing again berry angels
Queens of this royalty


It’s hurting to gag
Lonesome amidst dreads
as we gave
it’s not compassionate
not passionate as here we stand either

A drop of water
To cut thirst the hardest to tell
How our heart long to see
Brings us hardship to feel
We end perturbed
Prayerful if to be managed

A long road to the farthest eternity
Mortality takes
Meaning while natality brings
Gagged still though expecting kindness

You may ask what we spearhead:
One, talk our guts free;
Two, bury tortures;
Three, generally all freedoms granted:
Four, you won’t ask if you have done all

"The stove of scandals"

In the nation of playwrights
The state of poets
The country of pigs
And the empire of apes
Evolution continuing
The home of jackals
And goats
The family of parrots
And the room of owls
No faithful crows
To throw meat down to me
Stomach grumbles
Under the loft of punched roof
Rays and drops falling upon me
In my prison.
Emotions dragging heart
Towards the mouth
An inch away
Advice swept to the blue sky
French leave not convenient
Shout louder in the home of parrots
Quieten them
And squeeze the zoomy eyes of owls
Your renovation sends you a crow
The poet wrote
And so did the playwright
And I learnt poetry
Under parrots’ domination
Part time with the poet and playwright
Part time with the parrots.
A poet, a playwright
But an additional novelist
And the up-and-coming young donkey
His pockets checked up occasionally
For the salary
No debts but the lying lips piled up
Where is the eagle?
The blessed eagle to take me
To the sky
To taste those sweet fruits taken off me,
The fruits of livelihood?
If I could sleep near the dead
In their death beds
Aiming to spare my ruined life
The better
Close my eyes to be somewhat dead
The parrots will sing their songs of praise
To impregnate your dwelling
Receive a couple of thanks
Poet, playwright, novelist
An important gift you owed me
But the poet is off, handcuffed
The young donkey from jail to prison, no
It’s no better than the vast punched roofed
House of scandals.

Blind eyes

Poetry from:
Nyak Simon Lieth

True Hero-heroine fought on brutality
They fought on tyrant marginalization,
Liberty, human right abuses,
And sustenance of nation's prospective.
Their itinerary vision united the fruits
Hero died in haft dozen missions
Without accomplishing: the anticipated charity.
How can the nations bring them to live?

You huff culprit
The world has critically  viewed
Your jeopardized- vision of,
Country embarked: into new stage,
Non among you couldn’t remember
The war victims on long term bloodshed

Autonomy region is gearing up for triumph

Of culminate independence
Arrogant elephants' charm personalized,
Oligarchy and meritocracy

Money disappeared, disappeared

Yet wiseacre waved innocently
They grimace dark fingers
On the nation property

You are reflected Hero
-heroine’s apparition
Through bequeathed:
Demented the public dignity
Engross and prioritized what,
Stomach demanded
Kids and old died daily
No ears no eyes
God has known your personalities
Kush shall condemn you.

'Are you a true Southerner?' 

True Southerners are not them
Who go to South and like South
They're the peaceful
Who employ their wits
In Southern issues 

True Southerners suffer
For their people
They're not chaotic
They keep eyes open to dust
Idleness in peoples' minds 

True Southerners fight poverty
And don't ignore
Not corrupt
Implant peace
In their people 

True Southerners aren't enemies
If they've an enemy
They can't collaborate
They struggle for the betterment
Of their nation 

True Southerners don't intervene
In tribal clashes
For the good of their tribes
They consider themselves important
For all tribes in the south 

Are you a true Southerner?

Heroes shed no tears

Tones of blood: we shed tears for you
Wild like buffaloes
Armed with determination
Bled to wash away mayhem
Loose in the bush
And this was the dawn

Jockeying against carriage
Carriage of buckets of wastes
With little or no pay bringing this aftermath
Aiming civilian protection
Hungry and strong in the jungles
On the right hand, the cross

Heroes shed no tears
You cultivated this wealth you don’t have
Gone: leaving families desolate
Not for their homes was their struggle
Look: most gone without families

Courage forever more

The weird will never go through
One is paid in his coin
As the land murdered
Our beloved, bidding us fare well
Calling out, “SPLA Oyee!”
And closed eyes: we love you

You are the true sons of the land
Your commitment is spiritual
We won’t forsake you
You were the alpha
And omega remains yours
These accomplishments are yours

On this sixteenth day of May
We let out tears of desolation
Our hearts broke…..in remembrance
Days of your struggles brighten
Our days to straighten our current paths
Here we unite in spirits

Peace ambassadors came with you holy
Holier for you burnt upending truth and justice
We seek your guidance
To push us away from forth coming infliction
As horrors fade: we take this control yours
We salute you: SPLA Oyee…..let no terrorist be born

Missing peace

Peace was sleeping 
When a thunder storm was                                                      
When a thunder storm was
She was a missing peace

Peace was missing
When wind blew away roofs
When wind blew away roofs
She was a lone peace

Peace was alone
When rain rained bullets
When rain rained bullets
She was a dying peace

Peace was dying
When streams dried up
When streams dried up
She was a thirsty peace

Peace was thirsty
Who quenched her thirst?
Who quenched her thirst?
She was a dying peace

Peace was dying
Who mourned before her time?
Who mourned before her time?
She was a lone peace

Peace was alone
Who comforted her?
Who comforted her?
She was a sleeping peace

Peace was sleeping
Who awoke her?
Who awoke her?
She was peace not loved

Devil shall perish

Don’t touch me with wickedness
Never bring ruthlessness
You’re a devil
Into your life lurked evil
And the way you mock and tease
Thrives and never cease
With your sunken gravel
Liked eyes and the farthest navel
On your protruding stomach
With dirt so much
Into people’s lives you sneak
Secrets you let them leak
You lure them into stealing
And too much drinking
You turn them selfish
But don’t let them sell fish
You force them to do bad things
Like subjects oppressed by kings
You produce bad omens
Leading to torments
Yet your life tend
To come to an end
At times you’ll perish
Your manners you’ll vanish

-->A gay meddle

Locked in a shop
An impromptu to sell anus
For currency
On a tower: flustered
Police’s snoring
What an orgasm?

A fellow who flouts at corner ndogo
Kapsoya: on international women’s day
Out of his hood
Crushed by crowd
Police’s snoring
What an orgasm?

I feel queasy
A fellow with a paunch
Hooked to gay
Damn: a legitimate crush
Police’s snoring
What an orgasm?

Meddling in drugs
Cocaine addict effect the game
Watchmen inspected to rule out strangers
Sweet brats and adolescent girls
Police’s snoring
What an orgasm?

At unconsciousness
Pervert’s wealth drown
At service by his tribe men
Admitted at Moi referral flushed
Police’s snoring
What an orgasm?

Of what notions?

Woe unto the terrorist of nations
Plaiting horrors in even sections
Wicked which invades: leaving no remnants
Oh complainants
Of deprived nations
Fatal teeth and claws: of what notions?

Boring us with disgust
Alive and unproductive: cough thrust
Wicked which invades: leaving no remnants
Oh complainants
Of deprived nations
Fatal teeth and claws: of what notions?

Author of ordeal
Conqueror with tricks in seal
Wicked which invades: leaving no remnants
Oh complainants
Of deprived nations
Fatal teeth and claws: of what notions?

Sips blood: drop by drop
Level drops: no defence-we sob
Wicked which invades: leaving no remnants
Oh complainants
Of deprived nations
Fatal teeth and claws: of what notions?

Aggrieves hearts
Transplanting absurds
Wicked which invades: leaving no remnants
Oh complainants
Of deprived nations
Fatal teeth and claws: of what notions?

Creating a viral race
Drugged: carriers and wins the race in that pace
Wicked which invades: leaving no remnants
Oh complainants
Of deprived nations
Fatal teeth and claws: of what notions?

No aid for infected and carrier teems
We’ll unite and promote abstinence in teens
Wicked which invades: leaving no remnants
Oh complainants
Of deprived nations
Fatal teeth and claws: of what notions?

Aim our saws
To trim AIDS teeth and claws
Wicked which invades: leaving no remnants
Oh complainants
Of deprived nations
Fatal teeth and claws: of what notions?

We're alive

Must be a high time
Less melancholic
Hear it melodious: the birds sing
A hearty belly laugh: around the corner
Let us flinch: wash faces
What’s the going and doing?
Dance and melodious voices
What’s the going and doing?
To make sense
We’re alive

Must be a high time
Thorny trees wither: we see!
Beauty of this land’s here:
Green, ever green: insects lighting the dark
You won’t need a torch: mister or missus!
Belly dance: legs write four checking how long your beards!
Oil a currency and reeds fining learning
Bare feet walk it soft: jumping-running not hurting
To make sense
We’re alive

Must be a high time
Rough travels are high
Cycle within: twinkle twinkle, tis real
Over and beyond the hills and mountains
Come snow and heavy rains
Vegetation tower: weeds decay
Fill granaries and stacks of hay for livestock
Ever bright: never derive dark
Dark, the pioneer of melancholy off
To make sense
We’re alive

Must be a high time
A ceremony of cranes: we take chairs closer
What a bird which dances sweet
Dance with predation normally said!
As you see crane dance: overjoyed
Wild animals never think predating human
Lest across the border over there
Here comes green with currency:
Then white with gold: blacks with tusks
To make sense
We’re alive

Must be a high time
Crocodiles yawn: accepting air freshness
Albeit: hippos allow safe navigation
Pisces reproduce: friendly enough
Selecting the old with grand-grand children
To enter our nets on the fishing day
Plankton: we let be abundant
Oh, we were in the hands of strangers, they say
To make sense
We’re alive

Must be a high time
Making the land beautiful as before
Birds hibernate back
Seasons as before: no more embarrassment
No: that of seeing bodies lying down
Of their brothers and friends dead
Crane’s back: vulture will scavenge far away
No maloda: he leads a solo in this God’s temple
To make sense
We’re alive

_Education's liberty_

Sandwiched between disparity and abduction
My eyes tearful
I was a war child
The spirit of disparity
Died down for success

With this joystick: pen
I jot patience and kindness
Laziness far-off
My founder mother_
Rests some day overwhelmed

Longevity success brings
Makes me an honorary some day
I won't forget this toil
Paining like a boil
Teacher's my parent: I won't forget

Discipline's the key
I'll use to open doors weekly
Seeking guidance
This solace frees me from manipulation
Discipline: be the temple I dwell in

Education's freedom_
Education's liberty_
I'll sing to this tune forever more
I'll be an educator
Moulding dignitaries out of conflict and sorrow


How huge are you?
To block all the entrances
Leaving no space for the less privileged
To squeeze themselves in
And get fresher air

Your steps make eyes full with dust
Engaging tear glands to release excessive tears
And eyes reddened
They wander like strangers
When qualified
Can't you train your children?

You may need to muster wealth
But old age at the door
You bear snow in your head
Teeth as good as rusted nail
Chewing tobacco every minute
Others of your type looking for things tender
Coffee every four hours
A token for being born before them

You don't face backward
And building of the nation in progress
Who is eager to make it real?
If you weren't brought up
You won't have been who you are
Can't you bring them up?
And what if you run out of age?

Don't you need equality?
Right to equal treatment you are contrary to
Keeping your body swelled
Thank God, I am not your employer,
If I were, I would have laid a bait or set a trap
To let you know your deeds
And what your brain is made up of
Even if cobwebs, It will never take you a day
To define implementation

Wise Choice

It's to let the lion go
Disunity, the solid chance
A miss and a cry
A miss and we go
Beyond the scorning hills

Choice is yours
Choice is in your hands
Choice is mine
I have a wise choice
I suppose you too

Cast votes of separation
It's time to shout it out aloud
My proposal without yours is useless
Crazy choice you make affects me
Crazy choice I make spoils you

Not there anymore
That den has a lion
It roars and you off
Grief will be mine
I have foreseen
Don't let me cry blood

Reserves of sulphur preached 


Cries all day long,
suffering where they belong
Running up and down
Like horses in a race,
Because of disgrace
And tremble like a chameleon
On a frail twig,
Of a tree called fig

Never do they expect mercy
And fantasy
From the trouble makers,
Who don't behave like caretakers
Since they laugh
At those groaning in pain

They celebrate,
Their waste ordeal,
Thinking that it's a good deal
As they eat meat of infants
Which is against the creator,
Who lives even in the crater

Suffering is what they deserve,
Never will they be served,
If I am to cue
Life to the queue
Of everlasting fire

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