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Strong faith and asking for single area of needs in prayers

Last Sunday, was my first church service I attended in Kapsoya Eldoret. Besides Sunday school choir which danced affirming their faith and university graduates, a boy told his story of luck. “I was a boy who even if this congregation were put down as fish, I could spear them dead all,” John confided. “I couldn’t do without fish for two days lest I could be sick.” His family wanted him to come to Kakuma for studies. He was rigid that there will be no time the Nile and its tributaries will dry to render him dead. Finally, education was an obligation. He later departed spending two weeks on his way to Kampala, Uganda. He covered part of the journey footing.  “I was sick seriously and my sickness was fish.” He explained. On reaching Kampala, they once went to a hotel to eat. Luckily, his eyes landed on the menu to view fish. In doubts, he was assured that there was fresh fish. He ordered immediately but only fish. After consumption, he held bones an