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There is something special in you others don’t possess

Talk is laid about beauty and handsomeness occasionally. They spend most of their time pondering over make up as source of choice. Some resent persons they think are uglier than them. They judge yet they don’t know how dull or smart they are. You don’t see a special element in you. There also exist the benevolent who resent underrating. Rubbish is the fact some personalities are denied greetings on this ground of physical appearance. At times these resented figures can be loved to madness by some people seen so special. Do you know why? In short it’s because specialty not derived by the ignoramus is easy to be derived by this figure. It makes them stick to those persons ever. To look good, teens and youths chase after beauty. They inject or apply body creams which later may lead to side effects. This may be to alter skin colour given for a purpose. Competition of clothes, shoes, watches, bangles, rings and mobile phones comes in all costly to promote the class in the eyes of othe

Excerpt: Betrayed for love

As promised he got his first award three months later which made them sat for their second exam. It was a matter of appreciation having improved not having the first position in class. In spite of much detention he could make it to the hospital to meet Elizabeth as promised. In terms of listening, writing and speaking he could do his waste to lead him later to perfection. Totally he was exempted like a pregnant woman from talking to his fellow girits like they were referred. It was a hard nut to chew not forgetting that should you behave funny, you would be off. He helped his father at home and had been with his red friends who could not tell him any bad word lest departed. He was provided like he was their biological son. He felt more of a prince but once he thought it would be necessary to be himself, at times. It was to no sooner reach for he wasn't to be independent in any way then. It would be more of suicide. He thought he would get a trick which would not culti

Socialization and being unblemished: boons for valentines’ trips

Socialization in travels is a boon. It had been offering me its first hand shamefully to say I have just realized this. Ninth February was the on set of my adventure to Nairobi. It must have been a sweet valentine’s trip. Late in preparations, there was a day. I hadn’t ironed, not got ticket, not an official permission from employers but I had a favour. I had a traveling document to get me moving. I struggled to only catch the wrong bus. Well, I finally missed Dayah Express and got Eldoret Express, a bus to take me to Nairobi. “The bus goes to Nairobi express-not stopping,” said an administrator. It was a white lie the latter. We had reached Kitale at three after midnight. Those who knew climbed down; I warmed up with a chewing gum. The vehicle couldn’t go sooner. “Kong Kong,” was a knock. I threw my eyes onto the glass glaring at that Nubian I had socialized with since leaving Kakuma. If not boorish you won’t risk a boor, I tell you. I read his lips; my ears had not a single through