Scarification is not a race

My eyes are my the witness
My heart is ever itching
My system fails to imagine
I am not a rebel but my front scars victimize me
I know it is neither my birth certificate nor nationality
I feel guilty in my own house
My mind ever remains in motion
It’s my cultural impact
I am not disadvantaged
I am an observer of my true colour
Leave my scars alone!
They are not my pump
But I know I will never retreat but it will make you fail
Never suspect me because of my scars;
Your suspicion will result to your downfall
Keep on reminding your senses
Inter-marriage is interaction
I have what my in-laws carry
It is not my definition
After we leave from here
You will recognize me
A real citizen must enjoy the given cultures
It is mine and it will always be
I remain indoors because of your misunderstanding
Remember I toiled to liberate you from your inevitable misery
So that you become your current shape
You think about me when it’s time of maturity
The time whereby manhood is reflected
I am almost becoming tired of your innocence
Change and we shall be brothers

Wenne Madyt Dengs ©2013


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